Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Home and Blog Goals.

I'm happy to say that having this little blog is forcing me to make a few home goals for this year. I love projects, but we tend to leave some unfinished for quite some time. Having this blog has helped somewhat, but this year I want to kick it up a notch. I'm not big on resolutions because I usually forget what I said I was going to change about myself  by the middle of  February. However with my home I figured lets try something different. Put it out there and stick to it. Keep it simple so we won't get overwhelmed and go for it.

1. Paint the kitchen cabinets. We want a brighter kitchen, so our cabinets our going white. We had dark brown in our last home and we want a different look. Something along the lines of the picture below. I like the open cabinets, the dark countertops, and the way the kitchen island is trimmed. We have a peninsula and I would like to add trim to it. We also have light countertops and I have been thinking of using Rustoleums Transformations. This is a little daunting for me because I'm scarred that it may scratch or not last. Please let me know if you have tried this product.

2. Install the back splash.  We actually purchased our back splash last year so I say it's high time we got it installed.

3. Clean the tile grout and seal it. I know that seems easy, but not when half  half the downstairs is tile.

4. Paint kitchen, breakfast room, and family room. Although the color isn't bad I didn't choose it. The former owners didn't leave paint samples or a list of their colors. Which means I have no way of touching up the paint. Plus I like Grey better (there's a surprise).

5. Blog schedule. I really want to get a hold of a schedule. Nothing to crazy, but I would like to start posting 2-3 times a week.

6. Recover breakfast room chairs. This is already in the works. I just need to paint the frames.

7. Hang the new window shades. I have already picked them out and they are so easy peasy to dress up. I just need to buy the bigger ones for the family room.

8. Shrubs. We added more shrubs in the backyard. They are really small right now, because they were cheaper. In the spring we want to finish adding shrubs down the fence in the backyard.

9. Fireplace. New tile is in order for sure. I would also like to paint the inside and maybe take those cheap doors off.

See I kept it simple. Nothing to hard for us to accomplish. Plus I figured I would only give us six months to have this all done.



Cristina Garay said...

You have great projects to work on during this year, can't wait to see the "new" kitchen!
I'm so bad with resolutions, I'm not even going to post about that.
Pretty Inspiration kitchen pic, Brandy!

Kristin @ Simply Klassic Home said...

Good luck Brandy! I sooo want to work on my kitchen. Looking forward to seeing what works for you!

Gina said...

It looks like you have a great list to work with! Good luck! You're going to love your cabinets after you paint them. I'm so glad I painted mine.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Wow, Brandy! You have some great goals set! I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together! Happy New Year!

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

I found you through Kristin at Simply Klassic...she is redesigning my blog, too!
I love your ideas and style!
SO nice to meet you, new friend!
I had a friend that redid her countertops with primer and enamel, the post is here (I think they have held up well!):

Sue@pineapplehillinteriors said...

Good luck with your goals for the year. I have some of the same things on my list for this year. I was able to cross off painting the kitchen and family room yesterday.
Have a great day.

Michelle Smith said...

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