4 Ways to Transform a Studio Apartment

Simply because your home is a studio apartment, it doesn’t mean your living space needs to look or feel cramped. While furnishing a space so small is not an easy feat, you can use numerous methods to make your apartment seem larger than it really is. Since magically enlarging your space is not an option, you’ll need to turn to a lot of meticulous planning.

Interior designers advise relying on smart solutions, like purchasing furniture made from sustainable and affordable materials like bamboo lumber or using bright colors to enlarge your space visually. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks like these to help you transform your studio apartment into a spot you’ll love.

Separate Areas With Furniture

While open-concept areas have become popular over the past few years, they are not the best solution for a studio apartment. Instead, try to create separate living areas, at least visually. The simplest and most affordable way to achieve this is with custom-made furniture.

You might be wondering whether this type of furniture is affordable, and the answer is — yes. With materials as versatile as bamboo plywood, the sky is your limit. Bamboo wood sheets come in different thicknesses and sizes, so you’ll be able to develop a design that fits your space seamlessly. Shelves of different widths and heights work well for this particular scenario, and you’ll get extra storage space as a result.

Interior designers highly recommend creating this kind of barrier to separate your living from your sleeping area visually. As for the exact size of each section, the decision is up to you. If you like to lounge on a sofa while flipping through TV channels, then naturally, the square footage of your living room should be larger.

Be Cautious With Your Color Palette

A color palette can make or break your space. Wrong color selection can make your already tiny studio apartment appear even more suffocating. This is why you should be extremely careful when selecting an appropriate palette for your space. Once you’ve made your decision stick to it and use the same shades for your entire space.

Naturally, bright colors are a much better option when it comes to studio apartments. So once you’ve selected a neutral base, you can always add pops of color here and there to keep things interesting.

Create a Clutter-Free Space

Messy corners stand out even more in smaller places, so having a clutter-free space is a must for studio apartments. Luckily, storage options have evolved throughout the years, so you won’t have to worry about not keeping up with the trends. You can store your trinkets in a colorful box and display this addition on your brand-new shelf made of sustainable bamboo lumber.

When we say clutter, we aren’t only thinking of bits and bobs you have lying around, but we also include larger pieces, like furniture. Think of it this way, too many dishes or appliances on the kitchen counter can make your kitchenette appear messy, too. Make sure you only purchase pieces you truly need to avoid overcrowding.

Take Advantage of Your Space

All studio apartment owners are well aware that every inch of their space needs to be put to good use. We’ve already mentioned the importance of the right color palette. When it comes to walls and ceilings, white will open up your space more than any other color will. However, if you are not a fan of crisp white walls, you can always go with pastels instead.

Another way you can utilize your walls is by adding floating wall shelves. This way, you can display your favorite art pieces and decorations without creating clutter. You get to pick from many available options, but having these shelves custom-made is a better solution. However, picking your own materials allows you to opt for sturdy ones like bamboo wood sheets that can withstand the extra weight.

The furniture you pick needs to be functional rather than trendy. We witnessed the emergence of the so-called smart furniture. These pieces can usually be folded and hidden away once you are done using them. Most of these are made from durable materials like bamboo lumber.  What’s also great about bamboo wood sheets is that they have plenty of flexibility. This means you can be extra creative when coming up with the design of your new floating shelves.