5 Health Benefits of Growing Indoor Plant

Since the lockdown, you and your family are spending maximum time within the four walls of your home. Also with social distaining there is now a law to state a metre away in a social setting outside the house. As humans we love to be near to someone especially when we are talking or discussing with each other so there is increasing stress even within our homes.

This negative stress, releases free radicals which causes all the family to feel stress. Growing Indoor plants along the window or margins of your home is an excellent way to remove those stressful free radical from the air. What’s more you will get 86% increase in the oxygen levels within your house, as indoor plants use only 14% of the oxygen the make, during photosynthesis.

The green colour too is very soothing to the eyes, so if you are working from home constantly on the phone in calls or via your laptop or smart device, just look at the green indoor plants around every half an hour for 5 to 10 mins and free your eyes relax and recharge. If there is variation of height in the plants too there a break from monotony, which again helps calm your nerves and relax actions. Lastly you certainly need to invest in indoor plants, buy now form Root Bridges online plants store as this is the best way you can beat the COVID blues away.

Indoor plants are fun when we want to find our own little piece of quiet and calm, with no outdoor place to go, why change the indoor space with online indoor plants today. There is something in this for everyone, to love, share and care.  With your own little green space you will be protected from many seasonal illnesses and remain productive and active all through the year.