5 Ways To Improve My Boiler Efficiency In Your Facility

Your boiler is an important machine that makes up your central heating system. To keep it working efficiently, there are several things you can do to avoid commercial boiler repairs.

1. Get boiler servicing

Older boiler models are known to overheat and become damaged, so it’s important that you get boiler servicing annually. When your boiler is serviced, the engineer will check pressure valves, safety controls and all other aspects of the boiler that could cause problems in the future. If you notice any warning lights or boiler faults, you should contact a boiler repair company and take your boiler out of use.

2. Improve boiler efficiency

You can improve your boiler’s efficiency by using thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs). These maintain steady room temperatures and avoid extreme fluctuations that result in wasted energy . You can also reduce the temperature on your hot water boiler, which will save you money on fuel bills.

3. Duct boiler efficiency

Installing duct boiler efficiency equipment can help to remove boiler heat from the home and maintain a more consistent room temperature when the boiler is running. This prevents waste heat from entering your living spaces and allows you to reduce boiler operating hours.

4. Keep boiler flue clean

It’s important that boiler flues are kept clear of obstructions, so they can vent harmful carbon monoxide into the air safely. If your boiler is regularly serviced, boiler flues should be checked to ensure there are no blockages.

5. Remove boiler heat from home

A boiler heat recovery system can be installed in most boiler systems and effectively removes boiler heat from the home. This means you won’t need to keep the boiler running at all times, which will save you money on your fuel bills.