6 Drain Cleaning Tips For Homeowners In Delaware OH

Your home’s drainage lines are a part of a comprehensive system that essentially runs into your municipal sewer system. All of your sinks, toilets, and showers are a part of what are referred to as lateral lines, and these lines will run into your main sewer line.

Because everything is interconnected, it’s common for households to experience clogs and blockages that impact an entire plumbing system. We’ve partnered up with the drain cleaning delaware oh specialists at Yoder Plumbing to develop this list of six tips to help homeowners with their drain cleaning efforts.

Drain cleaning can often be a very problematic issue for homeowners to face, so keep the following tips in mind to maintain the overall integrity of your home’s drains!

Frequently Clean Out Your Drain Lines

One of the best things a homeowner can do is purchase an enzyme cleaner, because these cleaners can help you eliminate gunk within your drainage lines rather easily. These products are found within just about any hardware store, and they come in different varieties.

Be sure to clean out your drains via DIY methods, or by hiring professional plumbers, on a frequent basis. Our best advice is to clean your drains at least twice each year, but depending upon usage, you may need to clean your drains even more frequently!

Get a Drain Snake

Drain snakes are incredibly useful for every household, and these days they’re pretty affordable, too. What’s great about DIY drain snakes is that they’re really easy to use, and they’ll be perfect for any minor clogs that you come across. These devices feed into your drains, and will twist and cut through clogs as needed.

Although snakes won’t get the job done for every clog, they’re great for smaller clogs that may not necessarily require a call to your local plumbers.

Baking Soda & Vinegar

This is one of the best DIY drain cleaning solutions, and most DIYers know that baking soda and vinegar is a solid cleaning solution for all sorts of household needs.

The chemical reaction of this solution will create bubbles and foam, and this liquid-like material will sometimes scrape away grease that’s causing a clog. One tip to keep in mind is that you’re also going to need some hot water to go with your baking soda and vinegar solution, because this will effectively flush out your drains and bring it back to a normal functionality.

Flushing Your Drain Lines

There are some instances in which you might need to flush out your drains fully, as opposed to simply cleaning one or two lines. But it’s important to realize that this is a bad strategy if you’re dealing with significant clog or blockage.

Whenever you’re conducting your own drain cleaning, make sure there are no clogs. Clearing out any lingering clogs is always the first step in the drain cleaning process!

Preventative Drain Cleaning

You don’t need to be in a catastrophic plumbing emergency scenario to clean out your home’s sewer lines, and preventative maintenance is always a good idea when it comes to taking proper care of your plumbing system.

Even just doing basic maintenance like baking soda and vinegar every few months can go a long way to keep your drains clear of any debris!

Hire Pro Plumbers For Drain Cleaning Services


When it comes down to it, DIY drain cleaning can put homeowners in a pretty precarious situation when mistakes are made. And although you may feel confident in your DIY plumbing abilities, the truth is that mistakes happen to all amateur plumbers.

You and your home’s drains will always be put in a much better position when you hire a team of professional plumbers. Pro plumbers will have all of the state-of-the-art equipment and gear to clear out clogs, without posing any risks to your system and pipes.

Contact The Drain Cleaning Delaware OH Experts At Yoder Plumbing To Learn More Tips!

The above tips are a wonderful starting point for any homeowner in the Delaware OH area when it comes to drain cleaning efforts, but every homeowner is always better off placing these plumbing responsibilities in professional hands.

The Yoder Plumbing team is one of the best in all of central Ohio, and they’re available to answer your drain cleaning questions when you go to their website via the link located at the top of this page!