Making the world more eco-friendly is everyone’s responsibility. You can adopt some practices to make your environment greener, one of which is switching to bamboo toilet rolls. Bamboo is a grass species with a hard and woody hollow stem, making it an environmentally friendly resource with many aspects that make it suitable for producing sustainable toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is produced using bamboo instead of wood pulp or recycled paper. Here are the benefits of bamboo toilet paper.

Saves trees

We must save our trees for the sake of sustainable living and leave a better place for future generations. Trees take in CO2 from the environment and give out oxygen giving us better and fresh air. Therefore, when you buy bamboo toilet paper, you benefit the environment by using a forest-friendly product that minimizes the destruction of trees.

Bamboo grows faster

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass species making it a sustainable and renewable resource for use. According to research, bamboo grows up to 35inches a day, making it the fastest-growing plant on the planet. Therefore, the production of bamboo toilet paper is sustainable and adaptable. When we compare the growth rate of bamboo and trees used to produce regular toilet paper, we can say that bamboo toilet paper is a sustainable choice that helps us save trees, water, and the environment.


Bamboo toilet paper is chemical-free, does not contain fragrances or inks, unlike regular toilet paper. Chlorine is used in the manufacture of regular toilet paper for bleaching purposes, and some brands also add fragrances and dyes to produce different colors. Chemical products cause harm to the environment when disposed of, not to mention they are harmful to our health. Adopting the use of chemical-free toilet paper contributes to a clean environment.

Sustainable packaging

Bamboo toilet paper is produced using environmentally friendly resources as well as its packaging. That means when you buy bamboo toilet paper, you are contributing towards the reduction of plastic packaging. Plastic packages end up as landfills which are dangerous to the environment and future generations. Therefore, using bamboo toilet paper gives you peace of mind knowing that you are not wasting any non-recyclable materials.

Bamboo toilet paper is biodegradable.

Using biodegradable products is one of the practices everyone must adopt to save our environment. biodegradable products decompose when disposed of; therefore, they do not harm the environment. Bamboo toilet paper naturally disintegrates overtime when disposed of; therefore, it is safe for septic systems.

Less land is used

Bamboo is a plant species that grows densely, which means that less land can be used to produce bamboo for manufacturing products. When it comes to raw materials, you can get more bamboo from a small piece of land than the wood pulp for manufacturing the regular toilet rolls. Therefore, when bamboo is readily used to manufacture toilet paper, less land is used, saving the soil and boosting sustainability.


Switching to the use of bamboo toilet paper is a simple practice towards protecting our nature through sustainable products. It also gives you satisfaction knowing you are using a completely organic product.