7 Essential Painting Tools Every DIY Painter Must Own 

Have you decided to spruce up your space this summer? Pause and hear us out. Do you have all the essential painting equipment that you need to paint your space? A golden rule to remember when it comes to painting your space is that poor tools will give you a poor result. There are no two ways about it.

So, if you want to give your space a professional look and feel, make sure that you have all the right painting tools in your painting arsenal. A beginner’s mistake that most people do is start the painting project and then realise in the middle of the painting work that they forgot to buy the masking tape or the drop cloth. Lucky for you, we have narrowed down 7 essential painting tools that you must have if you aspire to become a pro at painting your space.

  1. Protective gears 

We are talking about gloves, goggles, masks, shoe covers and decorator’s overalls. While the decorator’s overalls and shoe covers can be skipped, you must wear your goggles, gloves and masks without fail while painting home. These protective gears will make sure that you don’t inhale the toxic paint fumes and the paint doesn’t come in contact with your eyes or skin. Invest in high-quality protective gears which you can use for many years to come.

  1. Painter’s tape 

Instead of a cheap quality masking tape, invest in painter’s tape to protect the doorknobs and other hardware and light fittings that you don’t want to splash wall paints on. Make sure that you read the label of the painting tape to know the expiration time before which you must remove the tape.

  1. Drop cloth 

One of the most important painting equipment to buy before you start your painting work is a drop cloth or a canvas sheet which will protect your furniture and floors from getting paint splashes. A pro tip is to move expensive and vintage furniture to the next room for precaution. If you want to go the sustainable route, then you can ditch the use and throw drop cloths and invest in washable ones which you can reuse.

  1. Painting items 

We are talking about everything from paints, primer, painting tray, paintbrushes to paint roller and paint sprays. Decide on which technique you want to follow before you start the painting and accordingly buy the painting tools you will require.

  1. Cleaning supplies 

Plastic buckets, wall cleaner and sponge are some of the cleaning supplies that you will need to prep the wall that you plan to paint. Not just that, they will also help you to scrub any surface which has wall paint splashes on them after the painting work is completed.

  1. Extension pole

If you are painting a small room and feel that you can reach the ceiling with a ladder, then you can skip it. Typically, a 3-metre extension pole is an ideal investment as it will help you reach the corners on the top easily.

  1. Ladder

A ladder is indeed a must-have if you are planning to paint your home on your own. You might feel like you can reach the ceiling with your chair but it makes you prone to falling off the chair and breaking your leg. Hence, it is recommended that you invest in a sturdy ladder that you can use every time you indulge in a DIY painting session. A pro tip is to buy a foldable ladder which won’t take up too much space and that you can easily store in your storeroom.

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