A Guide to a Loft Conversion

If you are a DIY enthusiast who is about to take on a loft conversion, there is much to consider. By deciding to make best use of available space and converting the attic, you have already made a wise choice, and with the right tools and materials, creating that extra room in the loft is not a difficult thing to do.


Chipboard is the best material for building the floor, and by first removing the fibreglass insulation (you don’t want to stop the heat from rising anymore) you can create a solid floor by nailing the chipboard to the joists. Once this has been done, you can eventually carpet the loft, which will give you a nice soft platform.

Natural Light

This is achieved by adding a couple of skylights, and if you’re wondering where to buy the best Velux windows, an online search will take you to the website of a specialist window supplier who would have a wide range of skylight solutions. Ideally, you would need two skylights, one at each end, which will give you enough natural light during the day, and you should opt for units that open.

Roof Insulation

Now that you have removed the loft insulation, the warm air can rise up into the loft, where you want it to remain for as long as possible. This is best achieved by using a composite sheeting that will be fixed to the rafters to form your ceiling. You could put all of the fibreglass you removed from the floor behind the ceiling covering, which will help prevent heat escaping through the roof.

Casing the Water Tank

Plywood is perfect for building a box section to cover the water tank, and you might want to include a suitably sized hatchway, in case you ever need access to the water tank. You will have to box in any other features that cannot be removed, which might include water pipes and other plumbing and electrical junction boxes.

LED Lighting

A few well-placed LED strip lights will give you all the general lighting you need, while a couple of small lamps will provide essential task lighting. You will also have to create a few power points, which your local electrician can help with, and with the floor finished and the walls covered with plywood, you can paper or pain to good effect.

Drop Down Ladder

Some loft access points are a little on the small side, so you might wish to create a larger square for more convenient access. You can purchase a drop-down ladder from any online supplier, and they are really easy to fit, and this will make access very easy.

Make good use of your carpentry skills by building custom shelving at around eye level, as all the storage space you can get will be welcome, and whether the room will be an additional bedroom or your new office, make improvements here and there.

Once finished, your loft conversion will provide you with that much-needed extra space, and when compared to the cost of extending, you have the very best value for money.