All you need to know about roofing and gutters

Building a house brings joy, but also a lot of worries. One of those worries is the roof of the house, its coating and materials. You have a huge responsibility to choose a high-quality and long-lasting roof covering so that it does not have to be changed every year.

How to choose a roof covering?

There are many types of roofing, so the choice will depend on you – what type of house you will have and what price you will want to spend on roofing. One of the cheaper but not bad roof coverings:

  • corrugated roofing
  • steel trapezoidal profile
  • steel tile profile
  • slate
  • concrete tiles
  • ceramic tiles
  • copper roofs
  • stone roofing

Roofers recommend choosing a roofing slope. If the slope of the roof covering is 10 degrees, then an adhesive roof covering is suitable, if the roof slope is 10 – 15 degrees, then – a steel trapezoidal or welded coating and if the roof slope is steeper than 15 degrees, then choose the roof covering you like best.

Which roofing film to choose?

Choosing a roofing film should not save your money. This is a particularly important element of the roof. The purpose of the diffusion film is to allow moisture to escape from the wool and the condensate contained in the roof covering not to enter the wool or roof structure. Also, the diffusion film transmits steam only in one direction: from the bottom up. Therefore, if you choose the wrong roofers, they may put the film on the wrong side. In order to know that the diffusion film has been applied correctly, you must note that the manufacturer’s logos on the film must be visible from the outside. Also, choose a film that is as thick as possible to reduce the chance of it breaking.

How to choose a rain system?

Rainwater systems are divided into three types: plastic, metal and copper (or titanium – zinc).
The plastic rain system is very easy to install, so no special tools are required. They are the cheapest and do not look as beautiful as metallic. Compared to plastic, the metal rain system does not fluctuate due to different temperature changes, metal much stronger. Copper and titanium-zinc rain systems are the most expensive. They are usually combined with tiled and stone roofs. Also, special tools are needed to install them, because the gutters are soldered to each other.