Consider These Factors Before Renting Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Your carpet has withstood heavy foot traffic, ground-in pet hair, mud, and spilled drinks for several years without looking worse for wear. Now the damage is becoming hard to hide, and you are considering renting a carpet cleaner.

Before you do, consider the tips listed below from Angi, formerly known as Angie’s List:

Dry Cleaning vs. Steam Cleaning

Angi advises homeowners to weigh the pros and cons of each carpet cleaning method before bringing a rental machine home from the store.

Steam cleaning extracts dirt and spills from your carpet by releasing pressurized hot water to loosen them. Next, the carpet steam cleaner then sucks the hot water and stains into a container to dispose of later. You will need to spray your carpet with a special chemical and vacuum it with your regular vacuum cleaner before using a steam cleaner.

Dry carpet cleaning as a process that uses powerful chemicals to clean your carpets. You start the process by sprinkling an absorbent compound across the entire carpet. The compound contains solvent, detergent, an absorbent carrier, and a minimal amount of water to help break up stains and remove them. You may need to pre-treat some stains before applying the special compound or vacuuming.

Check Equipment Weight

You would be disappointed to rent a high-quality carpet cleaner only to discover it is too heavy for you to carry up and down your stairs. The company you rent from should allow you to pick up each carpet cleaner you are considering using to be sure it meets your portability requirements. If they do not allow you to touch the equipment beforehand, you should keep looking for a company that will.

Pay by the Day

Most carpet cleaning companies set their rental prices by the day, and one day is typically long enough to clean the carpets in most homes. This is true even if your carpets have deeply-set stains. For larger projects or just to take the pressure off yourself to finish everything in a day, be sure to ask about multi-day rental discounts.

Buy Detergent for the Rental Equipment

Your fee to the rental store only covers the equipment itself. That leaves you responsible for finding out what type of detergent it requires and purchasing it separately. Angi advises homeowners to ask if they are uncertain about the detergent type since the rental company could hold you liable for damages if you use the wrong detergent.