Eat-In Kitchen Design Ideas for your Home

Not everybody is blessed with a large house with more than enough carpet area to use in whatever way you want to. With a bigger house, you can afford to have more rooms than you require. However, if you have a smaller space, you might have to sacrifice some or the other thing.

One such thing, is a kitchen. While kitchen is a necessary part of, sometimes various issues may not allow you to have the spacious kitchen that you want. However, a kitchen is not just an extra room that you can afford to not have. Hence, an ingenious solution to that problem is an eat-in kitchen. It essentially combines your kitchen and your dining area in a common space.

Eat-in kitchens are quickly becoming the new trend where people with larger houses preferring to dine in the kitchen itself. For this reason, there a lot of ideas you can explore when it comes to kitchen design. Some of them are:

Get a kitchen banquette

The idea that you will be cooking and eating in the kitchen shows that you will be spending a large part of your day there. Hence, it is highly important to have comfortable seating. You can invest in a kitchen banquette. They are known for the incredible comfort they provide. Hence, they are often used in restaurants. Moreover, they do not take up much space in the kitchen.

Use pendant lights

Most people are naturally drawn towards brighter lights. A well-lit eat-in kitchen design can serve as a cozy atmosphere for you to dine and have get-togethers. You can buy a couple of pendant lights for the kitchen. What’s unique about these lights is that they concentrate the light on the kitchen table where it’s most needed. Moreover, they provide your kitchen with a lower ceiling effect. This makes your dining area highly intimate.

Make your kitchen colorful

In home design, kitchens are what many consider to be a blank canvas. It is supposed to look and feel like it belongs to you. Hence, the best place to start is to use some colors in your kitchen. If you are reluctant because you might ruin the look of your kitchen, start with the dining area of your eat-in kitchen. Even if it does not work out, it ends up highlighting your dining area while leaving your kitchen untouched.

Ideally, you should use the same color in the seating and the kitchen area. Moreover, you should create a connecting color theme. For example, Yellow, orange, blue, and green are excellent choices when it comes to colors for a kitchen.

Make sure your kitchen isn’t noisy

Kitchens usually have a lot of hard surfaces. These hard surfaces tend to reflect sounds. Given that you will be blending, chopping, grinding, etc. in the kitchen, that doesn’t bode well for your home interior design. Hence, ideally you should look into materials that do not reflect a lot of sound. In case you cannot go with that option, try using an area rug, especially in your dining section. Not only does it reduce the noise, but it also visually defines your eat-in kitchen’s dining section.

Find a view

Not everybody is lucky enough to have breathtaking panoramic views. If you do, that’s where your dining table should be. Hence, you need to place your eat-in kitchen accordingly. This is especially helpful when you have guests over. Make sure your guests sit where they can enjoy the view while dining. Not only does it make for a pleasant dining experience, but it is also a great conversation starter.