Here’s Why You Need A Drainage Survey In Your Home

Nowadays we use technology in every aspect of our lives, then why not in our drainage system too? If you notice a blockage in a drainage system, a CCTV drain survey can detect the problem in no time. Engineers are relying only on this method to understand the cause of the blockage.

What Is A CCTV Drainage Survey?

CCTV drainage survey is a cost-effective and quick method of examining the condition of a drainage system. It also helps in finding out the cause to determine the best solution to resolve the problem. The drain survey involves high-tech CCTV cameras for in-depth inspection of the drain.

Where And When You Need It?

CCTV drainage survey can be useful in both domestic and commercial usage. It is effective in industrial use as well. Underground drains, sewers, and piping used this drain survey. Engineers can also insert the cameras in above-ground pipes.

You can conduct a CCTV drain survey to detect any problem in the sewage system before buying a house. Drainage engineers use it to expose the root cause behind a collapsed drain. It can also find out the causes of any leaks or bursts in a pipe. There are many other problems that a drainage survey can detect such as animal intrusion or tree root growth. A CCTV record can be evidence of poor instalment or displacement of a pipe.

Other Areas Where Drain Survey Can Be Essential

  • In construction projects to create a plan to support regulatory drainage controls.
  • To create planned preventative maintenance to avoid pipe and drain failures.

Equipment Required For Drainage Survey

The drain engineers bring specific equipment for the drain survey. It includes waterproof cameras and access rods to operate underwater and tight spaces. Moreover, CCTV drain surveys use crawlers and sonar units.

Indications Of Drainage Issue

  • Backed-Up Water: A clogged drain creates a lot of noise while flushing the toilet. This means that the usual path of drainage is blocked so the water is finding another way to get out.
  • Bubbles: It is a common sign to see bubbles in the drain if your drain is blocked.
  • Blocked Toilet Flushes: If the toilet is not flushing, it can be the drain blockage or a problem with your toilet.

So, if you are noticing these symptoms in your home, you can contact professional CCTV drain survey services. Look for reliable service providers to fix the drainage issue.

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