How Can My Home Benefit from Solar Energy?

Solar energy continues to be a significant resource for humanity, with recent statistics showing a 1.7 % of electricity generation in the U.S. comes from solar energy. Additionally, solar power ranks among the fastest-growing industries in the United States, thanks to reliable home energy companies. That being the case, solar energy is one of the clean and cheap renewable sources of energy. For this reason, you have probably asked yourself this question ‘How can my home benefit from solar Energy ?’. Here are some of the benefits of equipping your home with solar energy. Let’s get started.

Minimise or eliminate your energy bills

Based on a joint study done by CEEW; a policy and research group and BYPL, a power distribution company, installing solar panels at your home can save up to 95 % of your monthly electricity bills.

As a result, installing Baker Home Energy solar panels which can last for 25- 35 years can reduce and eliminate electricity bills for decades. Furthermore, reliance on grid-based electricity becomes an option as you can generate your electricity from solar energy without additional production costs.

Increase your home value

Multiple studies have revealed that homeowners with installed solar power systems have a 3-4 % increase in their property value. Additionally, these studies revealed that homebuyers were willing to pay premiums for homes featuring solar power systems. Therefore, equipping your home with solar panels creates a unique selling point for real estate agents when marketing your property.

Solar energy reduces Carbon Footprint

Traditional forms of electricity generation involve the burning of fossil fuels, which emit toxic gases, that have been associated with global climatic change. As a result, the need to combat carbon footprints in your home involves adopting a clean and environmentally-friendly renewable energy source and it is none other than solar energy.

Offers a long-term value

As mentioned, the typical lifespan of solar panels is 25 to 30 years, meaning solar panels offer a long-term solution and value for money on your initial investment. Additionally, solar panels degrade at an annual rate of 0.5 % and can still operate at a capacity of 88% despite the end of your 25 -year warranty.

Receive Solar Incentives

The U.S government offers amazing tax incentives on homeowners installing solar power systems. Therefore, equipping your home with solar panels gives you access to tax benefits such as federal solar tax credit, which involves a 26% deduction of your installation costs from your federal taxes. Other solar incentives include: State and Local Rebates, Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). However, the availability of these solar incentives and tax rebates may vary depending on your location. Nevertheless, you should be able to research and discover your eligibility for other incentive programs you qualify for.


Solar Energy is no exception when it comes to drawbacks. Nevertheless, its benefits outweigh these drawbacks. As a result, you should consider installing solar energy to break free from fluctuating electricity costs, increase the value of your home and move a step forward towards eliminating dependence on non-renewable sources of energy.