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How to Build the Perfect Streaming Room

Everyone needs a space to unwind after a tough day. With wireless access being available in every room in most homes, families don’t necessarily have an earmarked space in which they can relax with their favourite streaming activity.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or an artisan streaming Youtube tutorials on how to improve your crafting skills, there are a few fundamental factors to consider when setting up your streaming space.

A Dedicated Space

Imagine for a moment you’re an overworked employee who longs for some stress relief. It doesn’t matter what activity you partake in, you’re bound to have to travel, or share your space with others, which only adds to the tension you are feeling. What if you could construct a dedicated space in your garden in which to relax with your favourite streaming pastime? The great news is that you can, and it doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. Log cabins or garden sheds are the perfect construction for a streaming room.

An added benefit is that you can plough the money saved on travel into equipment that will improve your streaming experience exponentially. Some of the equipment you should invest in is:

Comfortable, Ergonomic Seating

It is fundamental that the chair is ergonomically suitable for you and your activity. There are numerous gaming chairs available. Some have lumbar support, mesh for breathability, and others include headrests or are height-adjustable. There are also ergonomic armchairs and couches available for those streamers who want a more relaxed position when streaming. Ensure that the log cabin you erect for your activity is big enough to accommodate your chair and other equipment.

High-Speed Internet

Bear in mind that every device that connects to your bandwidth slows it down. There are few things as frustrating as trying to binge-watch a series with it buffering every few minutes. A dip in your internet speed could result in you not completing a level while playing your favourite online role-player game. So, while high-speed internet may sound like a given, it is imperative to ensure that you invest in a package that is not only right for your personal streaming space, but for other members of your family that may be streaming on their mobile devices in the main house.

Suitable Lighting, Audio, and Visual Equipment

These three factors are not only important for day-to-day streamers, but also for those people that teach online. Many TEFL companies refuse candidates’ applications because of poor lighting, sound or pixelated webcam feeds. Always investigate what the best equipment is for your streaming purpose and that it falls within your budget. You can always upgrade in the future if necessary. Also, consider how to install the equipment into your log cabin without creating trip hazards, such as a bunch of cables on the floor.

Refreshment Station

Let’s be honest; if you’re engrossed in your RPG or watching a series, the last thing you feel like doing is having to walk far to get a snack or something to drink. Installing a small bar fridge and a coffee station inside your streaming space will make life easier and allow you to get back to enjoying your activity all that much faster.

We hope these few pointers inspire you to build a streaming space that is not only personal but perfect for you.