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How to Choose the Right Metal Panel System

Metal Panel Systems have many benefits over conventional building materials. When you want to provide your building the perfect exterior finish, investing in a good metal panel system is the right choice to make. These would provide your building unmatched lightweight stability with a modern look that is bound to get noticed. Apart from that, sound metal panel systems would also give you excellent thermal insulation despite the fact that they are made of metal. And unlike other building materials such as concrete, metal panels are flame retardant and can withstand years of harsh weather. So, once you’ve made up your mind to try out metal panels for your next building, you should make sure that you choose the right one. When you go out looking for one, you should look for the following in it:-


Most metal panel systems have a lower density than other building materials such as concrete and bricks. This means that metal panels are much lighter and can hence provide better stability. This reduces the stress on the building’s foundation thereby reducing the costs of additional support and labor. Therefore, when you go looking for a good metal panel system, make sure that it is lightweight.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is an essential factor when it comes to designing an efficient and modern building. It ensures that the rooms inside would remain cool in summers and warm in winters. This reduces the load on the central heating and cooling system and helps save electricity. But not all metal panel systems come with thermal insulation, so make sure that you choose one with it. An excellent example of a metal panel system with proper thermal insulation is the Smart-R Wall System by Centria Panels.

Shape and size

It may be true that concrete can be molded to form any shape and size, it is constrained by the usage of bricks. This limitation does not apply to the incredibly efficient metal panels which can just be cut in the shape and size that you may require by the company. You should inquire about this from the company first though.

Texture and finish

When you buy metal panels to make your building look more aesthetically pleasing than it would with concrete or masonry materials, you should make sure that the boards have the texture and finish you desire.

You can use the above as a deciding plan to help you choose the right metal panel system for you.