How To Create The Perfect False Ceiling Design for A Bedroom

If you want to add some visual interest to the bedroom, a false ceiling design for your bedroom is a great idea. A false ceiling, also known as a dropped ceiling, can completely change the look of your bedroom. It serves two purposes. While the false ceiling hides the wiring of your ventilation system, you can use it as a base for installing various lighting fixtures. Further, the false ceiling will act as insulation and prevent the room from heating up during summers and cooling down during winters. As a result, your need for an AC or a heater will decrease. This will decrease your utility bills as well. Since you can install various types of lighting fixtures, you can opt for accent lighting to enhance the appeal of your bedroom interiors. Moreover, you can choose any colour, texture, design, and finish for your false ceiling to ensure it matches the bedroom’s overall decor. Mentioned below are a few false ceiling designs you can choose for your bedroom:

01 of 05 Choose modern false ceiling designs for your bedroom

There are many modern bold false ceiling designs you can choose for your bedroom. For instance, a cut-out is a very common false ceiling design in modern bedrooms. You can install the fan and various lighting fixtures in the cut-out. While deciding the pattern of the cut-out, you must consider the overall design of your bedroom. You can choose any shape like a hexagon, square, diamond, or circular that will complement the shape of your bed, decor pieces, etc. This will help to maintain a more unified look in your bedroom. Depending on your preferences, you can either opt for a single large cut-out or plenty of small ones.

02 of 05 Opt for a wooden false ceiling design

If you want to give your bedroom a touch of luxury, using wood for the false ceiling design for your bedroom is one of the best ideas. A wooden false ceiling will add more warmth to the space and make it feel more inviting. A real wood false ceiling may appear very elegant and posh but it may prove to be quite expensive. You can choose cheaper alternatives as well like plywood. Line up the planks or beams parallelly or follow a criss-cross design for creating an interesting look. Take the design of your bedroom into consideration before selecting the false ceiling design. Since wood is a great insulator, the bedroom will not be affected by any change in the temperature outside. However, you must ensure that the wood has been treated to ensure that it is termite-proof.

03 of 05 Gypsum false ceiling design

One of the most common choices for false ceiling designs for your bedroom is gypsum. You will find many options available in the market while choosing gypsum panels. While some are ideal for simple bedroom false ceiling designs, others are used for creating various complicated designs. Since these are designed at the manufacturing site and only installed on-site, the installation process is very fast and does not cost you a lot of money. Its smooth finish adds to the visual interest of the room. Further, this option is very durable, requires very little maintenance, and costs less compared to many options. Hence, it is perfect if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

04 of 05 A child’s false ceiling bedroom design

Designing a child’s bedroom’s false design is not very different. You have to follow the same approach you followed while designing the rest of the rooms. Keep in mind the interior decor of the bedroom while choosing the false ceiling design. If the bedroom has a very colourful and fun design, follow the same design for the ceiling. If it has a more elegant appeal, you can create a floating ceiling design and install accent lighting. To give the bedroom a more personalised touch, you can choose options like a sporty cut-out of your child’s favourite sport. Whatever you may choose for the ceiling design, make sure you discuss it with the child and opt for something that he or she likes.

05 of 05 You can go for a simple ceiling design

An elaborate ceiling design might not appear good in all bedroom designs. A more simple bedroom false ceiling design is required if you have a minimalist bedroom design. This will help to choose a false ceiling design that reflects your bedroom design. You can opt for a simple tray design and install hidden accent lighting. A minimalistic and subtly lit false ceiling design will certainly enhance the appeal of the bedroom.