How to Create the Perfect Home Office

2020 has been a very strange year for all of us. One of the biggest things that has changed due to the Coronavirus and the social restrictions and lockdowns, has been that many of us were forced to work from home. Working from home and the flexibility of remote working within many industries and sectors has shown many of us how it is practical to remain functional and effective whilst working from home. The popularity of the home office has been a stark change this year and there are different ways to create the perfect home office. For some people, working with architects and designers on home office design is a way to help shape a refurbishment of a property, with the knowledge that home working might be something that is more popular in the future.

 The way that a home office is designed will depend on whether it is a home that is about to be refurbished and a purpose-built home office included in the designs or whether it is an existing home and an office space if being worked out in the current situation. Whatever the situation, you must think about the type of work that is to be performed in that space and what will be needed. For some work, there is a real need of separation from the rest of the house and peace and quiet. In other situations, it might not be necessary to have such separation, but you still need a dedicated space to call your own. If space is limited, it might be about finding a space that can be used for multiple tasks, for instance an office during the day that can be turned into a bedroom at night.

If you are converting your current home to be more suitable for home working, there are a few things that you can do. As home working increases this year, you’ll want to think about the space that makes you most comfortable and most productive when working at home. The first thing is to make sure that there is a dedicate space that isn’t surrounded by the everyday junk of homelife (and we mean this in the nicest possible way). If you’ve got to fight for a space at the kitchen table, with dishes piled up waiting to be washed in your eyeline, the cat and the dog and the kids and your partner fighting for control of the TV remote on the sofa to one side, how productive are you likely to be?

Make sure that your office space is bright and airy, that you can see a window and get as much natural light as possible. Home office spaces often work well in home extensions or loft conversions, where there is a lot of light from above as well as the regular windows. It brings a freshness and a calm space that is separate from the rest of home life.

Whether you are working on a brand-new refurbishment project or working alongside an architect to design a new home, there is a good chance that you could help install the perfect home office. As we have all seen a big change in perception of working from home in 2020, now is the perfect time to create the home office space that works well within your home design. There are many different ways in which a home office can function, and it all depends on the individual, the budget and the vision of the architect or designer. The layout of the house, the amount of people living at the property and other factors such as the way you need to work and like to work, should all factor into how the home office is designed.

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