How to Efficiently Relocate

Starting fresh in a new home is always exciting, but it’s often a long and arduous journey to get there. It can be a hassle for all involved, what with the packing, labeling, loading, driving, etc. Wildcat Movers has provided a short infographic tackling all of these issues so your next move is hassle-free.

The first step is to organize everything the belongings you are taking with you. One good tip is to pack up each room individually; this way you can easily transport boxes and other items directly into the new room where they are slated to go.

Another useful tip is to use different colored packing tape to be able to identify different boxes. For example, red-taped boxes go into the bedroom, while blue-taped boxes go into the bathroom and so on. Whatever you decide to do regarding organization, it’s recommended to have a bountiful supply of packing tape.

When moving certain articles of clothing, one option to reduce space is to vacuum seal the clothes in storage bags. Other bulky items such as bedsheets and comforters can also be stored this way. To take it a step further, donate unwanted clothes so you have less to move.

One more tip is to always overestimate the job. Give yourself plenty of time to avoid a rushed, stress-inducing experience. Also, be equipped with anything you may need, such as tape and spare moving boxes so you’re not wasting time making trips to the store.

For more moving tips like these, please check out the provided guide.

Guide created by Wildcat Movers, a leader in Dallas movers