If you recently purchased a large area rug and you are planning on keeping it for an extended period, it is important to ensure it will be kept properly maintained. If you don’t take steps to keep it clean, it will deteriorate a lot quicker. Large area rugs are designed to protect large areas of your floor, they can last for several years if kept in good condition.

Here are some tips for maintaining your rug.


The first step in keeping your area rug properly maintained is to prevent dirt and other debris from reaching it. For example, you could suggest a policy whereby nobody can enter your home wearing shoes, they must be taken off at the door which is common in most Asian cultures. This means that footwear which contains dirt or other debris is left outside without a chance of being transferred onto your rug.

Another option is to lay a door mate just inside your door to collect debris from footwear before it can enter your home. When someone wipes their shoes on the mat, it helps to keep dirt and mud away from your rug. The less dirt that makes it onto your rug the better.


It is essential to regularly vacuum large area rugs to ensure they are kept clean, if you fail to clean your rug, debris and other substances will accumulate on the surface. Some compounds if left to gather can damage the fibres in your rug causing it to lose its visual appeal. If you vacuum a large area rug numerous times throughout the month, it helps to maintain the product and remove unwanted substances. Your home will be kept free of allergens and you help to create a cleaner household environment.

You should be careful when vacuuming over the ends of the rug, if you put too much pressure on the item it will break, and your rug won’t look good if it has strands of fibres protruding from the floor. Gently vacuum over the corners of the rug to avoid creating any fringes or damaged edges, many homeowners make the mistake of applying too much force when cleaning the rug which only serves to damage the item.


Occasionally moving your rug is vital to stop uneven fading or damaged caused by UV exposure and other things like traffic. If you leave your rug in the same position for an extended period, it will become worn and damaged on specific sides. If people constantly enter and exit your home in a way that forces them to walk over your rug in the same direction, that side of the item will deteriorate quicker than other areas.

If you want to have your rug for an extended period without having to replace it, it is essential that you take steps to keep it properly maintained. If you just buy the item and leave it to its own accord, it will deteriorate a lot quicker. You must rotate the rug regularly, vacuum when needed and take steps to prevent damage.