Keep Your Home Cool By Fixing The Air Conditioner

Do you have a broken air conditioner, need new installation or maintenance services? Do you live in Fort Worth and need servicing since the high temperature caused your capacitors and motors to go bad? How does the air conditioner work? What are some of the advantages of replacing a faulty air conditioner? What are some of the tips that will help you to hire the best company to repair and maintain your system?

AC repair

During a hot summer in Texas, an air conditioner cools your homes. AC Repair Fort Worth provides professionals for repair and installation services to ensure maximum energy efficiency and low energy bills. If the air conditioner breaks down, the excess heat can be frustrating and your home or workplace will be quite uncomfortable. You should ask an air conditioner repair service technician to conduct regular maintenance to ensure the Ac works well for a long time.

How the air conditioner works

The types of air conditioners are portable air conditioners, central air conditioners, window air conditioners, ductless units, and heat pumps. Central air conditioners are the best way to cool your home since they are integrated with the furnace system. It is equipped with:

  • Evaporator coil that cools indoor air.
  • The external condenser that expels heat.
  • Air handler that blows cold air into your home.

Warm air is drawn into the ductwork using the fan. The heat from the air is removed and cooled when it reaches the evaporator coil. The refrigerant absorbs the heated air and pumps it into the condenser. The condenser expels heated air, cools the refrigerant, and cools your home.

Signs your air conditioner needs repair

  1. Insufficient airflow.

Your air conditioner might be faulty or a blockage is preventing the movement of air through the ductwork. This may be caused by a broken motor or clogged air filter. Boost your air conditioner with an energy-recovery ventilator that exchanges stale air with fresh air.

  1. High humidity.

The air conditioner automatically moderates the humidity levels in your home. If humidity is high, it means the cooling system is faulty and needs repair. The problem should be accessed to know if the air conditioner requires re-calibration or a whole-house dehumidifier.

  1. Bad odors.

If a bad smell comes from the HVAC system, a diagnostic test should be done to determine if the air conditioner needs to be tuned up, cleaned or the cooling system needs a high-tech solution. If there is persistent microbial growth in your air conditioner, ultraviolet lights are the remedy. Cleaning the duct will also help to get rid of the odor.

  1. Water leaks.

The refrigerant cools your home by condensation. This liquid should not accumulate or leak into your home. Leaking is a sign that your cooling system isn’t working well. Contact the service technicians for repair since leaks can cause serious structural damage to your home.

  1. Unusual noises.

Low-level noise is made when starting up or shutting down the air conditioner. Loud and sudden noises are an indication that your cooling system isn’t working well. Buzzing noises means there is a loose part while whistling sound indicates something more serious. A professional team will find the problem and recommend solutions to keep your home cool.

  1. Warm air.

Check the thermostat if warm air blows out of the ventilation. It should be switched to cooling mode at a lower temperature than the current temperature at home. The compressor or restricted airflow might be the issue if the ventilation still emits warm air.

Tips for hiring the best company for air conditioning repair and servicing

  1. Ensure the company has the proper licensing and insurance required by the state.
  2. Understand the model and maintenance history of the current system to explain the problem well to the technician.
  3. Find out more about the servicing company by asking about its performance record for installation and service from customer references.
  4. If your air conditioner meets the strict energy-efficient guidelines set by U.S Environmental Protection Agency, ask for an available refund.
  5. When installing a new air conditioner system, the technician sizes the equipment depending on the size of the house, windows, and level of insulation. The duct system is inspected for air leaks and airflow is measured to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s specification.
  6. Ask the company to give you an estimate written and itemized price. Cheap equipment may need more servicing and the energy cost may be higher.
  7. A written proposal of work will protect you by specifying job scheduling, project costs, warranty information, and model number.

Advantages of replacing your air conditioner

  • Home value has increased.

An up-to-date cooling system makes your house more appealing to potential buyers. This is because the system pays for itself through a small percentage increase.

  • Lower bills.

Modern air conditioners have better cooling efficiency meaning, less power is used to cool your home, saving you money that would have been used on energy bills.

  • Quieter, cooler operations.

If your air conditioner works well, your home will be more comfortable in terms of noise, temperature, and dust.

  • There is payment for saving.

The state government grants tax incentives for anyone buying energy-saving appliances.

  • Proper sizing.

If the air conditioner isn’t properly sized, the energy bills will be high and the cooling capacity will be low. To cool your home efficiently, the Ac should fit your home well.


Air conditioners are expensive and finding the right company for repair or maintenance services is important. It works when the ductwork draws in hot air, the condenser cools it and the refrigerant absorbs hot air and pumps it into the condenser where it is expelled, cooling your home in the process. Signs like bad odor, unusual noises, insufficient airflow, high humidity, water leaks, and warm air are an indication that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. It is important to hire the best company for the repair and maintenance of your air conditioner and this article has highlighted some important tips that will help you. If your conditioner is faulty, it should be replaced and there are some advantages for doing so.