Mark Roemer Oakland Shares Different Types of Bathtub Materials to Consider Uplifting Your Home Value


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, every part of your home is carefully designed and the same should hold for the bathroom. Just changing the bathtub can make a drastic difference in appearance and uplift the bathroom’s overall look. Let’s check out different types of bathtub materials to consider uplifting your home:

The Materials

  1. Copper Tubs – Copper is a highly durable material and so are bathtubs made from it. Most copper bathtubs in the market come in a pleasant oval shape that has a contemporary look. Add black river stone to the decor and you get the perfect marriage of nature with industrial design.

  1. Acrylic Tubs – Bathtubs made from acrylic sheets also have fiberglass for strength. Unlike most other materials in this list, acrylic bathtubs are extremely lightweight and easy to move around. So, installation should be a breeze. However, the light weight also makes them vulnerable to tipping and hence you need to reinforce them properly to the floor. When you get into an acrylic bathtub it is going to be warm to the touch irrespective of the ambient temperature due to its low heat conductivity. They are also resistant to cracks and harsh chemicals and hence easy to clean and maintain. You can also shape them to your requirements and have a clean and refined look.

  1. Cast-iron Tubs – Cast-iron bathtubs are extremely durable and hardy. They can last you for a very long time and for rust resistance they are also coated with enamel. They give a rich and old look and sit perfectly in an aged bathroom or a log cabin. However, they weigh a lot, around 300 to 500 pounds and that means installation anywhere above the ground level is very complicated and expensive.

  1. Glass Tubs – With glass bathtubs, you can take your bathroom to a whole new level. However, the setting needs to match as well. You need clean-looking polished metal hardware, knobs, and showerheads while the bathtub should be in a glass enclosure, frosted or otherwise. The greatest advantage of a glass bathtub is you can DIY it with ease.

  1. Stone Tubs – If you really want to go bold and attract your guest’s attention and make the bathtub a focal point of your bathroom, you should go with stone. Moreover, there are numerous options, from granite to marble. It gives your bathtub a sturdy and cozy look. However, like cast-iron bathtubs, this one can get really heavy, and getting the desired shape may hike up the price since cutting stone and polishing it isn’t an easy feat. You also need to consider the weight capacity of the floor. A stone tub can weigh as much as 2000 pounds and that means each square foot of your floor should be able to handle around 130 pounds of weight.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you assess all the different bathtub materials and check out their compatibility with the current decor. The right choice can transform the look of your bathroom for the better.