Have you ever frenzied over the clogging drains? The sight of water draining slowly gets on the nerves. Many a time, such a sight is very humiliating in front of the guests, and surreptitiously we try every possible method to drain that water as quickly as possible. The floating scum, bathroom water, or the bunch of entangled hair, or even the disgusting drainage water filled in the backyard can be one of the horrendous experiences. Drain repairs in London are an essential service required by almost every household. But before you chose the best drain repairs in London, it is important to know some tips to unblock drains London on your own.

Clear The Waste

The main reason behind that clogging can be the accumulated grease and trap. For the waste is accessible, try removing it manually. This will allow the water to drain in the pipes. A buildup of kitchen and bathroom waste might lead to blockage in pipes.

Bend The Wire

This is a small hack to save you from these hair-clogging pipes. Many a time, the difficulties in draining water in the bathroom might be due to hair clogs. For this, you can take a malleable wire and bend it from one side in the shape of the hook. Insert it down the pipe and keep moving it from side to side to search for any bunch of hair. If the pipe is too old, don’t press the wire too hard. Don’t put the wire too deep as you may lose the wire then and there.

Using Simple Plungers

Plungers are something that every household must have in their plumbing kit. The toilet clogs can be easily unclogged using a plunger. There are different types of plungers available in the market. The ones used in toilets and the ones used in the kitchen are different. The former is a little harder than the latter. In the toilet, simply use the plunger to create suction and push and pull several times to get rid of that clog. Keep a bag or bin ready to collect solid waste in the clogged water.

These are some home remedies for minor problems. If you are facing major drainage issues, you might have to seek professional help. Don’t delay in calling the drain repair team in London. They are a team of experienced professionals who, with their advanced pieces of equipment, will first understand the problem and then advise you of the suitable method that they will follow.