Pool Floats that are Downright Hilarious

Summer is here, and that means that it’s pool season. If you own a fibreglass pool, then you’re probably ready to use it to cool down, exercise, and spend time with family and friends. One way you can make your time by the pool more fun is with pool floats.

Pool floats are great for kids and the elderly, as it helps them to stay afloat in the water, safely. Pool floats are also versatile, being available in a broad range of colours, sizes, and styles. But why get a normal pool float when you can opt for something far more hilarious? Bring a smile on the faces of your family and friends by adding these hilarious pool floats to your fibreglass pool.

Pizza pool float

Do you love pizza? A giant pizza pool float can hold more than one person and look great while floating on the pool. You can also get individual pizza slice pool floats as well. Get a few individual pizza slice pool floats, and bring them together in your pool to make a giant floating pizza. Pizza pool floats use vibrant colours, making them really stand out and look appealing.

Unicorn pool float

A lot of people love unicorns, which makes unicorn-shaped pool floats so popular. You can find unicorn pool floats in various shapes, as well as sizes. Get an inflatable pool float for kids, shaped like a unicorn. These pool floats can inspire children to spend more time in the pool.

Broccoli pool float

Kids, in particular, tend to not be fond of broccoli. One way to get them to spend more time with broccoli is by getting them to use a broccoli-shaped pool float. The broccoli pool float will keep your kids safe while they swim around in the melbourne pool. It might also inspire them to want to start eating broccoli.

Smiley pool float

Smiley pool floats can be found in a wide range of styles. You can go for the traditional smiley face, a frowny face, a winking smiley face, and much more. These pool floats are typically good for one person per float. They can also be purchased in small as well as large sizes. So, both children, as well as adults, should be able to use these pool floats.

Dinosaur pool float

One kind of pool float that can instantly bring a smile to the faces of most people is the dinosaur-shaped pool float. You can find pool floats in the shapes of the most popular kinds of dinosaurs. With dinosaur pool floats in your fibreglass pool, you give people the opportunity to pretend that they’re riding dinosaurs.

Dinosaur pool floats can also be found in a large number of sizes, and you can also find family-sized pool floats, that can be used by large numbers of people at once.

Car pool float

One of the more hilarious pool floats designs that you’re likely to come across, is car-shaped pool floats. While you can find inflatable pool floats shaped like cars, the kind of designs available to you are much more creative. There are pool floats that expand to become floating cars.

You can choose between a large number of colours, shapes and styles. Get pool floats that look like animated versions of cars. Or you could also opt for the pool floats that are shaped like army vehicles, like tanks.

Cat shaped pool float

Most people find cats adorable, which is what makes cat-shaped pool floats so popular. You can find pool floats in the shape of a cat’s head, or larger pool floats that look like a group of cats together. These pool floats are available in a broad range of styles and colour options. You aren’t restricted to just realistic cats either. Cat-shaped pool floats can also be found in unusual colours, like purple and green.

Flamingo pool float

Flamingos are fun, vibrant, and eye-catching. Pool floats that look like you’re riding on the back of a flamingo, are becoming more and more popular. You can also find pool floats in other styles, that incorporate the flamingo into the pool float design. It’s more common to find flamingo-shaped pool floats that look like a pink tyre, with the head of a flamingo sticking out from one end.

Some of these floats also incorporate the hands and legs of the flamingo, which makes them look even funnier.

Shark pool float

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride on the back of a shark? While this might be near impossible to emulate in real life, you can still try out the experience by using a shark-shaped pool float in your fibreglass pool.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy the feeling of floating on the pool, on top of a pool float shaped like a shark. Get these pool floats in grey, white, and blue, as well as many other colours.

Banana pool float

Banana-shaped pool floats aren’t just fun to look at, but they tend to be very useful as well. Often, the length of these pool floats allows people to lie down on top of the float, and relax in the pool. The bright yellow colour of these pool floats also contrasts well against the calm blue of most fibreglass pools. Get banana pool floats with smiley faces on them to bring a smile to the faces of your friends and family.

Doughnut pool float

Most people love eating doughnuts. Doughnut-shaped pool floats come in a wide variety of styles. Get a doughnut-shaped pool float that looks like it’s dipped in chocolate, or get one that looks like it has sprinkles on top. Add various designs to your pool and all your guests will have unique doughnut-shaped pool floats to use in your pool.


Pool floats don’t just look fun, but they make using your pool safer for people who might not be strong swimmers. Hilarious pool floats help you to add more personality to your pool design as well. Add the pool floats mentioned in this guide to your pool, and enjoy cracking a smile each time you see these pool floats floating around in your pool.