Steps to make Fine Indian Wooden Furniture

Making each style and kind of furniture features its own procedures. Furniture making, actually, comprises certain steps that must definitely be finished in order. Knowing how to proceed next is easily the most crucial part, especially while making Indian wooden furniture.

Here’s the best way to do it.

Draw an agenda

A great plan regarding your wooden furniture would comprise obvious sketches, attracted to scale plus a step-by-step set up diagram for that complex parts. A summary of needed materials tools should be stored at hands. Magazines and books on Indian furniture might be a good source for plans.

Gather the types of materials

Collect all tools and materials needed for building the bit of Indian wooden furniture. Ensure that you include all hardware and varied other products like sandpaper and wooden furniture glue. You are able to borrow the various tools you do not have. Having the ability to shift in one job to a different sans any interruption would assist you in making the most from your momentum and time.

Cut the pieces

Cut the bits of your Indian furniture using the largest piece first. Finish each task on the piece in front of resettling tools for the following piece for stopping mistakes and not waste time. Join all of the areas of your wooden furniture following the cutouts are complete. Included in this are processes like routing edges, boring for hardware and drilling for dowels. Then sand all of the individual pieces.

Set up

Lay all of the pieces inside a logical order. Now group the pieces that has to get together. Assemble your Indian wooden furniture in section, building from the floor level to up. Attach the legs of the table towards the skirt for building the table’s frame. Assemble the table’s top and also the expansion leaf hardware as individual pieces. Following this, connect the different sections. For example, finish all of the set up on the table unless of course you have been instructed otherwise within the manual.


Use sandpaper to rub the whole bit of your wooden Indian furniture in order to prepare the grain for staining. You should use the 150-grit for part one after which graduate to some 220-grit sandpaper for doing the ultimate pass. Wipe your Indian furniture combined with the grain having a dampened rag drizzled with mineral spirits. To taking out the sanding dust and aligning the grain.

You are able to rub your furniture using the stain from the color of your liking. How’s that for completed with a really soft cloth. You have to stick to the specific instructions printed around the product label for obtaining the greatest results.