Style Your Home with Antiques from the 18th Century

Many antiques are considered forms of decorative art, and that includes the furniture. However, many of these pieces are just as functional as they are decorative, and the unique look that they bring to your home is one that can’t easily be recreated. Whether you are simply a collector, or you buy antiques for aesthetic reasons, there are reliable antique sellers out there who offer a variety of items.

18th century style is unique in itself, and for many, this was considered the golden era of cabinet making. As far as furniture goes, styles were quite divergent and included Queen Anne, Georgian, and Hepplewhite, among others. Of course, antiques include everything from furniture to art and sculptures, lighting fixtures, and random objects, so you will be able to find a variety of items.

Highly-Finished, Sophisticated Designs

Many 18th century antiques are somewhat simplistic compared to those from other eras, but you will also find plenty of ornamental pieces.

Much of the furniture is marked by sophisticated design work that often featured decorative elements such as pediments, masks, or sphinxes. Furniture was often made out of mahogany, but less expensive pieces were typically constructed with walnut. However, tulipwood, birch, and rosewood were also used for certain aspects of the furniture. Veneers were often used, as were marquetry and lacquer finishes.

18th century antiques come in many forms, and you will find everything from desks and commodes to light fixtures and artwork.

Why Buy Antiques?

Different people buy antiques for different reasons, and you will most certainly have your own. If you are interested in 18th century antiques in Sydney, you will have plenty of things to choose from, so whether you are buying for the decoration or buying to add to your collection, you should be able to satisfy your needs.

Antique pieces can decorate a home beautifully, and if you have, more or less, achieved an antique look already, 18th century items can complement the rest of your home wonderfully.

Antiques that are in good condition are also highly-functional and can serve as a usable piece of furniture in addition to a decorative piece. Unlike store-bought furniture today, which loses much of its value very quickly, antique pieces retain their value and often become long-term investments. Buyers often collect and care for these pieces, turning them into prized possessions.

Buying from a Reputable Seller

Regardless of why you want to buy antiques, it’s important that you are buying from a reputable supplier. If you are not careful, you could wind up buying fake antiques that aren’t what they are supposed to be.

Many antiques have been repainted or refurbished, but these will, at least, be from the era that they claim to be. If you are buying online, especially, don’t hesitate to ask your suppliers questions and find out what you can about the piece in question. Your suppliers should be knowledgeable and be able to give you some peace of mind about the items they are selling.