Things to Take Care of After your Pool Party – A Checklist

Almost by default, owners, both new and old, tend to get ideas about pool parties the moment the weather allows for them. Additionally, any occasion, whether a birthday or an anniversary, is the perfect excuse for a pool party. Fibreglass pools are the trendiest pools on the market today. If you have a new pool, wouldn’t you like to show it off? What better way to do this than to have a pool party?

Nonetheless, not every pool party has a silver lining, as after it’s over, there is a lot of cleaning up to do. The aftermath of a pool party is no laughing matter, although your party may have been. Parties, inside your home or at the pool, leave a single thing behind. A mess. If you don’t clean up after guests have had a whale of a time, your pool ends up in a state as if a hurricane hit it. In the sections that follow, you will find tips and tricks, from start to finish, to clean up efficiently after a pool party.

1. Consider the pool water

Fibreglass pools look great, but not if they are dirty. After your party is over, the first thing to do on your checklist is to test out the water in the pool. In any pool party, water is affected the most. The pH of the water will let you know whether it is safe to take a swim. In case the balance of the water is inappropriate, you may have to add certain chemicals to balance it. You can purchase a testing kit or have a professional service the newcastle pool after a party. It is a good idea to chlorinate your pool both before and after a party. Give your pool enough time for the chlorine to settle.

2. Work the pool pump

Once your pool party is over, it is worth running your pool pump. This is the next thing to tick off as an activity on your to-do after-party checklist. Running the pump helps to circulate the pool water. What this does is get the debris filtered out of the water. Additionally, the circulation of fresh pool water takes place. While the pumping is on, you can use a net for snagging debris you may see floating about in the water. The pump is an excellent device to get small dirt bits and foliage out.

3. Use a hose

It is a wise decision to install a hose near the pool. This not only aids you in watering plants around the pool but is great to clean the area as well. The guests can use the hose to clean their feet before entering the pool, which can actually save a lot of time and effort in cleaning the water later. Additionally, you may also set up a small feet-washing area for guests before they get into the water.

4. Scrub the swimming pool wall and floor

It’s a party. Food and drinks are bound to end up on the floor and in the swimming pool as well. These are bound to stick to the swimming pool wall, as well as the floor. It is imperative that you scrub them out as soon as possible (after the party, of course). If not, not only will the water become stagnant, there is a high chance of algae starting to grow as well. Then it’ll become really difficult to clean your pool and make it suitable for swimming again.

5. Shock the water

Shocking the pool water can help remove small debris and bits and particles of dirt that the naked eye cannot see. In order to ensure that the pool water is healthy to swim in, it is recommended that you shock the pool water after the party.

6. The pool deck, patio, toys and other items

The best way to ensure that the pool deck is clean is to hose them off. If there is a patio near your pool, be sure to clean the floor with a hose too. Make sure you clean all the pool toys and other pool components to make them ready for the next time you use the pool. Before you use the hose to clean, make sure that you move any furniture and plants out of the way. You can work faster if the area to be cleaned is made clear of obstacles.

7. Ensure the right amount of water

Some things to take care of after you have had a pool party that has gone swimmingly well do not concern cleaning up per se. During a pool party, there is a lot of plunging and jumping into the pool. This results in water loss. You may find that your water in the pool has depleted, and this has to be replenished. The pool water should always be above the level of the skimmer, so you should attend to this.

8. Rearrange the pool area

Before a pool party, you may have cleared the area around your pool to make more free space for guests to move around freely. After your party, you will likely have to move all the furniture, plants, etc. back to where they belong. Besides this, you must check whether your pool equipment is working at its optimum levels. This has to do with everything from wires and connections that may have gotten damaged to broken pool lights (if any).


Pool parties are fun. However, it is very important that you take care of your pool after the party. Your pool and the area around it will get cluttered with party mess. There is also suntan lotion and body oil that can cause unhygienic surroundings after a pool party. To dive into your pool again, you have to do some work around your pool after a party has ended. You can call professional home pool maintenance people to give a thorough cleaning. This way, you can ensure that your pool and its vicinity are dirt-free after a party.