Thoughtful design and good use of space is essential

And the essence of space today is to promote premium living and working spaces that are in complete tandem with the environment. The economies in the world have moved towards sustained development that complements well with the ecological balance. The real estate industry has taken many measures to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. The city of Brampton in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada is no exception. A fast-growing economic hub for retail, advanced manufacturing a supply chain to name a few, there is a lot of scope for building an expansion in the near future. And with real estate boom happening, it’s only natural that painting projects will be sold like hot cakes!

Which commercial painting contractor is best suited for you:      

Commercial painting services are larger in magnitude and other parameters, with reference to residential painting projects. When it comes to selecting the best commercial Brampton painters – Ecopainting Inc, is among the most sought companies in the city. This company, as the name reflects, ensures that only those products and resources are utilized in your project that maintain a low impact, sustainable and is completely environmentally friendly.

Why you should opt for Ecopainting:

Ecological balance should be the main deciding factor in choosing the paints for your project. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emitting products, properly updated MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), usage of low odor solvent-based primers, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals for regular maintenance, premium quality paints to ensure a minimum number of coats or repainting requirements. Ecopainting goes one step further by ensuring you order the optimum amount of paint required for your project with a good margin for future touch-ups and maintenance. Now that is what you would call Green Purchasing. Post completion of your project, Ecopainting is also committed to proper waste management. Recycling of plastic garbage bags, optimum usage of water while washing tools are some initiatives. This company is in sync with providing adequate liability insurance, green certifications, and safety training to its team of workers. Last but not least, the company has a list of legitimate customers and trade references. Frequent environmental audits carried out by government and NGO organization ensure that the painting solutions provided to your project by Ecopainting Inc leave minimal impact on the ecological balance and the health of the building occupants.