Tips for Booking a Successful Move Out Cleaning Service


Moving to a new home is a big leap and it can introduce many changes in your life. For some people, it’s an exciting prospect while many are stressed during the transfer process. To make the move to your new home as pleasant as possible, ensure you search for “cleaning services near me” online and book a move-out cleaning service that can reduce your workload and take care of the cleaning work after you move out from your old home.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you can follow to successfully book a move-out cleaning service:

  1. Create a plan and get organized – Creating a plan and getting your things organized for the move is one of the most important steps in order to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience. For instance, consider the time when you want to shift to your new home. We recommend you try to shift between the months of October to March in order to save money and time. Avoid moving between April and September since this is the peak moving period and the high demand will cost you extra time and money.

We recommend you create a checklist of items, furniture, appliances, artworks, and other important elements that you would want to bring to your new house. Identify and prepare items that need special care. Take proper measurements of the space in the new house to prevent issues with furniture placement. Book a storage place in advance if needed and sell or donate furniture that you don’t require.

Get supplies such as tape, boxes, paper to wrap things that can break easily as early as possible. You want to be ready for the move-out and there should be no element of surprise that can delay the process and cost you extra money or time. 

  1. Book the cleaners as early as possible – Ensure you book the cleaners as soon as you figure out the date of the move-out. It is notoriously hard to book the services of a popular move-out cleaning service provider even weeks ahead of schedule, let alone two or three days before the move-out date. And it is never a good idea to hire the services of an unknown service provider due to the unavailability of a reputed service provider. Booking early would also allow you to choose the date and time of the transfer.

We recommend you book the services of a reputed move-out cleaning service provider at least 3 weeks before the date of the move-out to ensure you get the best prices and guarantee availability.

Aside from the issue of service availability, another reason to not delay the booking is cost. The sooner you book, the cheaper the cost of hiring the service of a cleaner and the more money you can save. Generally, the prices tend to increase the closer you book towards the end of the month.

Finally, you might need to get a professional home inspection done before the cleaning service is performed and booking early would allow you to solve this issue.

  1. Be prepared for delays – You have to be prepared for delays during the move-out process due to a number of unexpected circumstances. If the cleaning service provider arrives before you can complete the move-out process, it can become a problematic experience. One of the best ways to tackle this issue is to hire a move-out service.

However, you should book the movers well in advance to ensure that the schedule of the two services doesn’t collide and create further problems. Movers are known for being late and running behind schedule. It takes time to wait for things to be packed and then drive them to different locations. Thus, it’s crucial to get everything ready for the move so that you don’t introduce further delays.

Plus, you have to account for unexpected problems such as bad weather or mechanical failures.

And, they are bound to make your place even dirtier. If the movers arrive after the cleaning service provider has already done their job, you have to pay the cleaning company again to re-clean the area and shell out extra money, and waste even more time. Thus, it’s essential to book and schedule the time of the movers first and then schedule the time for cleaning. 

We recommend you book the movers at least a day or two before booking the services of the cleaning company. The date of cleaning should be at least a day before you have to hand over the keys. This way you can ensure that you can manage things even in case of unexpected delays.

  1. Pay attention to the detail of the service offered when booking – Before confirming the booking of a cleaning service, ensure you learn all about the service they offer, especially about the price. Don’t be tempted to choose a company that charges $18 per pam hour. This is not equal to the hourly rate that you have to pay for hiring their service. It means that you have to pay each person that comes to your $18 per hour of their service. Thus, if they send 5 people to your home, you have to pay $90 per hour.

Thus, it’s important to clarify these terms before you hire their services and ask exactly how many people they intend to send and how much the total cost would be. Don’t be tempted to hire too many people. We recommend you hire at most two people to save money and also get the work done sooner and more efficiently.

The more people present, the more the workers would try to delegate and shift their responsibility to someone else. This can delay the job and cause them to miss cleaning some spots. Plus, it would also introduce more chit-chat during work.


We recommend you book the services of a reputed local moving company who are known to offer great long-distance moving service. Also, ensure you search “cleaning services near me” online and browse through the list of choices carefully before booking the services of a cleaning company.