Tips to Beat the Home Décor Blahs in an Indian Home

When you have the same home interior design for too long, you might start feeling bored with it. It is perfectly normal. This is when you should start thinking about changing the home interior design. It does not have to be a very difficult task. There are many simple ways to amp up the home interior design without putting in a lot of effort or time. You just have to come up with a few interesting ideas. If you are not sure about how to update your Indian home interior design, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Create a wall gallery

Are you bored with your old wall design? Give it a completely new look by creating a beautiful wall gallery. This is an easy trick and does not require a lot of investment. You just have to gather a few family pictures, portraits, vacation pictures, etc., and hang them together on a wall. This will add more visual interest to your wall design and help to give your home interiors a personal touch. Besides pictures, you can hang beautiful artwork. If you have an artistic side, draw something that will look good in your home interiors. There are many replicas available of renowned paintings that you can get as well. You can buy artwork from your local artist as well to hang on the wall. You will be amazed to see the skill set of some of these people.

Consider framing them for a more elegant look. Also, pick options of different shapes and sizes for the wall gallery. This will make your Indian home interior design more appealing.

02 of 05 Place a few pieces on your table

In many cases, the tabletop is left empty. If you do not require the space for any purpose, you should prevent doing so. Leaving the tabletop empty makes the home interior design appear boring. You can place a lot of things to invoke visual interest. For instance, small statues, decor items, books, vases, bowls, trays, boxes, candles, etc., can be kept on your table. Just make sure that you arrange them properly on the table so that they do not appear unorganised. Also, be mindful of the size of the items. Since you are adding so many items,  large items can cause visual clutter. Paying attention to their colours is crucial as well. All colours do not look good with each other. Also, stick to an odd number of things when arranging the items, i.e., 3, 5, 7, and so on.

In case you are choosing an even number of items and focusing on creating symmetry, choose items for the tabletop that are not so similar. Otherwise, the arrangement can appear boring.

03 of 05 Rearrange the items on your shelves

Even if your shelves are well-organised, they can appear boring when the same arrangement is maintained for very long. This problem is easy to solve. You just have to rearrange all the items on the shelves. It is easy and does not require any additional expenses. You just have to put some time into rearranging them. Start with removing all items from the shelves and placing them back one by one. Make sure that you do not rush while rearranging them. Stacking up books on top of each other and fitting as many decor items as possible are not rearranging your shelves. You will have to carefully place each item on the shelves to ensure the home interiors appear appealing. Make sure you do not overcrowd it trying to fit too many display items on the shelves. You can use anything for displaying things like vases, books, statues, artwork, awards, etc.

04 of 05 Invest in a new shower curtain

Do you not like your bathroom design anymore? You can make a few changes to its design to give it a fresh new look. However, you will have to be careful while making changes to the bathroom design as it can hugely impact the functionality. An easy way to change the bathroom design without impacting functionality is by replacing your old shower curtain. You can easily find shower curtains in lots of colours, designs, and patterns. Choose an option that compliments your bathroom interior design.

05 of 05 Apply a coat of paint

You can give any space a completely new look by applying a new coat of paint. This is one of the most common ways to update your house design. Painting anything in a room can have a huge impact. It is an easy task and can be done without professional help as well. Depending on your preferences, you can either paint a bold colour or choose any light, neutral colour. Just make sure that it complements your house design.