Tom Dixon takes the lamp design into the unkown

If you are looking for a lamp that is futuristic and innovative, the British designer Tom Dixon is well represented at

Dig into the collection of Tom Dixon lamps at, where his many lamps in different colors and shapes are represented. The geometric shapes make the lamps stand out and becomes very unique together with his rare use of materials for the designs, such as melting bubbles and oily- and metallic surfaces.

Tom Dixon design is based on the concept of innovation and development and is inspired by the cultural heritage in Britain. The light design help provide warm glow and a modern view to each room the lamp is placed in. The collection offers a range of different models such as chandeliers, pendant lamps, mounted lamps, standing lamps and table lamps.

The original shapes and materials that is so characteristic for Tom Dixon lamps is especially seen in the collection Etch, that is inspired by the logic of math and the geometric shapes. The collection is available as a pendant, chandelier and candle holder, where the pendant has a detailed pattern, that casts interesting and playful shadows, while the chandelier cast a more dramatic effect to any room. Etch plays with its own patterns, as they are reflected in the light. The lamps come in brass, copper, silver steel and black.

Beat is another popular collection from Tom Dixon, that hangs in a lot of hotels, restaurants and homes around the world. This collection is much more minimalistic in appearance than Etch, because of its smooth and clean surface that is inspired by the sculptural simplicity of traditional brass pots and water containers. The Beat pendant lamp is available in a stout, fat, tall or wide silhouettes, in brass, black or white. The company uses old processes to create the lamps, and it can take up to four days to put one lamp together.

Tom Dixon is the creator of light for the modern home, where lamps in alternative materials such as polished metal, marble, chrome or glass are welcomed.