Why you should avoid DIY tree surgery

When it comes to tree surgery, it can seem all too tempting to take care of it yourself. After all, cutting a few branches is easy, right? Wrong. In fact, tree surgery is a highly-skilled profession that requires the right understanding, training and knowledge to ensure that everything goes to plan, so why should you avoid DIY tree surgery?

Trees are unpredictable

If you choose to carry out tree surgery without the right equipment or knowledge, then there are a whole range of issues that can arise. Trees are extremely powerful, and they have a lot of energy stored within them when an incorrect cut is made and that could mean that they can cause injury and damage to people and property.

The correct techniques are required

When cutting trees, the right approach is required. Removal requires a level of understanding that involves working at heights and angles to ensure that everything falls as expected. Furthermore, you need to know how to move around the tree at height in order to make the right cuts. As a DIYer, you might not understand that there is a falling direction of branches. Every tree is different and that means that different techniques are required based on the tree and the circumstances, all of which you will not know if you are a DIYer.

You won’t be prepared for the weather

While you are working at height, you won’t be prepared for a change in direction of the wind or a gust of wind that could cause you to lose balance. Working at height is dangerous but professionals are always prepared for this. They understand how to balance themselves correctly and prevent themselves from falling while they will also have the right supportive equipment.

You won’t have the right equipment

Tree surgeons are trained in all aspects of tree surgery. However, they will have all of the necessary equipment that will allow them to complete a professional job. You will need a helmet with face visor, eye protection, hearing protection, gloves, steel toed leather boots and the correct machinery and equipment for working at height. All of this enables tree surgeons to undertake tree surgery professionally and safely.

It requires a methodical approach

Tree surgery is a task that requires precision and a methodical approach. It’s not just a case of cutting any branch that you get to first because it takes planning and understanding. You will need to consider houses, roads, electricity cables and phone lines, all of which have to be considered prior to cutting. The job is usually completed piece by piece which involves working from the top downwards and you need to be qualified and knowledgeable to do this correctly.

Cutting requires knowledge

Trees grow in certain ways so you cannot simply begin the process by cutting away at branches. You can damage a tree with the wrong approach as the tree has to be cut in a way that encourages natural growth while ensuring the tree looks good but also remains safe.

So, if you are thinking of taking care of tree surgery yourself, it’s not worth it. There are too many risks, so you should call the experts like Essex Tree Brothers to get the job done.